Our affiliate program via URL referral is designed to offer a strong partnership to affiliates, with a wide range of benefits and advanced tracking tools through an intuitive dashboard.

We reward our affiliates 25% on sales generated through their referral url!

Here is how it is structured and what its main advantages are:

1. Advanced Control Dashboard: Affiliates have access to a customized dashboard that provides a complete picture of their activities. Here they can view all key metrics in real time.

2. Real-Time Monitoring: Affiliates can monitor their earnings, commission rates and conversion rate in real time. This allows them to quickly adjust their marketing strategies to maximize results.

3. Visit Statistics: The dashboard also shows the number of daily and total visits generated through their referral links, providing a complete overview of the traffic generated.

4. Commission Details: Affiliates can view all recent commissions, with detailed information about the product, date, and amount of commission earned.

5. Visit Log: In addition to commissions, you can view a detailed log of recent visits, with information on the date, the link used, and where the traffic came from.

6. Custom Link Generation: Affiliates have the flexibility to generate referral links either for all products in the store or for a specific product. This allows them to target traffic according to their marketing strategies.

7. Miscellaneous Payment Options: We offer several payment options for earned commissions. Affiliates can choose to receive payments via PayPal or bank transfer, providing greater convenience.

8. Instant Payments: A great advantage of our programme is that affiliates receive their accrued commission payments instantly, without having to wait or reach a minimum commission threshold. Accrued commissions are automatically paid every 24 hours to the Paypal account set up by the affiliate. This means they can get their earnings quickly and without complications.

In summary, our affiliate program with URL referrals offers a highly beneficial structure for affiliates, providing them with complete control over their activities and allowing them to earn money flexibly and immediately. The combination of real-time tracking, varied payment options and the ability to generate custom links makes it an ideal program for those who wish to maximize their earnings in the affiliate world.