AI Image Pro


AI Image Pro leverages the power of generative image APIs from OpenAI and to enhance your image generating and editing experience.

  • Lifetime Auto Update
  • Unlimited Sites
  • GPL License
Version: 2.6.0
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2024
Developer: CodeIsAwesome
More Info: Developer Website


  • Image Upscaling
  • Frontend integration
  • User Credit System
  • DALL.E integration (OpenAI)
  • Stable Diffusion Integration (
  • One-click filters
  • Lots of fine-tuning options
  • Works with Gutenberg
  • Works with Classic Editor
  • Cropping
  • History
  • Super configurable

AI Image Pro is a WordPress plugin that integrates your WordPress website directly with the best image generative AI models (DALL.E & Stable Diffusion) and allows you to leverage AI to generate images, edit (in-paint) images, and create image variations. On top of that it comes with many one-click filters and lots of fine-tuning options that you can use to enhance and create stunning images.

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin relies on the OpenAI API and/or and, which are paid services. That means there will be ongoing costs based on your usage of these powerful AI features. To understand the costs involved and plan your projects accordingly, we highly recommend reviewing the pricing details directly on the OpenAI and website.


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