OceanWP Sticky Header


OceanWP Sticky Header is a simple extension to attach the header at the top of your screen with an animation.

  • Lifetime Auto Update
  • Unlimited Sites
  • GPL License
Version: 2.1.0
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2023
Developer: OceanWP
Developer URL: Product Page


  • Stick manually, perfect for the Custom Header style
  • Fixed the top bar
  • Add sticky mobile
  • Choose between two sticky styles: Shrink or Fixed
  • Choose between two sticky effects
  • Enter the height of the header during scroll for the shrink style
  • Add logo when scrolling
  • Enter the height of the logo during scroll for the shrink style
  • Choose the header opacity during scroll
  • Choose the background and color during scroll

OceanWP Sticky Header allows you to create a sticky header rich in functionality and customisation. This essential plugin proves invaluable in creating impressive headers.


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