Why are plugins and themes asking me for a license key?

Why are plugins and themes asking me for a license key?

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Our update keys DO NOT activate the plugin or theme itself. Nor do you need to.


License keys are one of the biggest misconceptions in the WordPress community.


License keys ARE NOT required and do not restrict the functionality of the plugin or theme itself.

License keys directly from the author to “activate” plugins or themes are ONLY if you want to receive support and updates directly from the author of the plugin or theme. It has nothing to do with functionality, ever.

You are NEVER required to enter a license key to use a plugin or theme. They will work perfectly fine without one.

With Gpl WordPress, you are issued an update key which will give you updates directly through us. The only difference between us and purchasing directly from the developer is: cost and support. The item itself and their updates will work just the same.

All the items we offer are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You do not need license keys to install or use them on your websites, regardless of how many websites you have.

You can simply ignore the nags to “activate” or “register” your plugin or theme.



Want to get rid of those annoying license key notices cluttering up your WordPress Dashboard? Please see How Do I Get Rid of Nagging License Key Notices?



That said, there are rare exceptions when a plugin or theme might have a limitation, usually related to accessing templates, demo content, or additional services that require direct API access or a monthly subscription on the developer’s website. Please see Known Plugin Limitations